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itsagalaxyboyI am itsagalaxyboy
my name in discord is itsagalaxyboy#4314 i dont want to say my real name because i dont like to so yea.
i am 16 years old
from asia (i dont like to say from what country)
and that it
Name: Snomlu (I dont wanna tell my real name :/)
Age: 13
Hobbies: Gaming, discording
Pets: Dog ?
Likes: Food, Nice Pepole 
Dislikes: Toxic pepole, Corona, Fruit in my cake
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Idk i never had a crush
Additional info: Wow color

Recommendations: I think this website is cool with emojis Colors and cheats, However i think you should make a tutorial on how to post something here bc i spent quite some time trying to post something here else its a good website i like it c:

Wow hehe i spent quite some time finding out how to post something here lol

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I am itsagalaxyboy00